Sunday Worship

 Cafe Service


We have a varied but regular pattern of worship at Broken Cross:

  • Communion Services
  • Cafe Worship on the first Sunday of the month
  • Proclaim service for families with the use of puppets on the third Sunday of the month
  • Quieter reflective services
  • All Age Worship Services with worship band and singers
  • Healing Services
  • Circuit Services
  • Ecumenical Services

Our main service is on Sunday 10.30 - 11.30am. Look at the calender for the services

Creche and Sunday Club take place during our Sunday monring worship for younger members of the congregation.

Sunday Morning Service Outline: Our service follows a relatively traditional style, with the whole church together at the start of the service. Any children present will go out after the second hymn to Sunday Club and stay out or they may stay at the back where there is a colouring table and books to read (they are invited back in if it is a communion service).  We would ask that the preacher choose a suitable children's hymn/song for the second hymn and stewards will ensure bells/shakers are available for the children to access. There are announcements at the start of our service and refreshments in the Davis Hall afterwards.  We have a loop system and project all words of hymns/songs onto our screen.  [Note: In Lent and Advent we will have a liturgy read at the start of the service by members of the church.]


Cafe Service: the first Sunday of the month is usually our cafe service. This is an all age interactive service, where we sit around tables (6-8 people per table, 10 tables). The preacher provides activities and discussions for adults and children to do on their tables with well known songs, suitable for young families.  Readings are done via drama or other interactive ways. There are buckets provided on each table with stationary for craftwork.

Refreshments are served throughout the service. It should only last 45 minutes.  


'Proclaim': The third Sunday is 'Proclaim'.  This follows the same format as a normal service, except that the children and families will come into the main service at 11.20 to share what they have been doing in the hall.  Whilst the main service is running in the church the 'Proclaim' families are meeting from 10am in the Howard Booth hall to share in puppet-led worship to encourage families to attend. There is breakfast provided from 10am.


Hymn/Songbooks Available: We currently have copies of Hymns and Psalms, Songs of Fellowship (books 1-4), and if necessary we can project from Singing the Faith . As we project all our words onto the screen, hymnbooks are not usually given out during services but hard copies of HP and Sof with large print copies of each available if needed. We are also happy to learn new songs not in our hymnbooks.


Musicians:  There is a church organist and worship band who alternate in leading the music for the service.